Our Loyalty Rewards program.

We love our customers. We really do.

So much so, that we wanted to find a way to reward them for coming back to us, time and again, for their Lampe Berger products. A little thank you from us, to them. And, by extension, to you.

We're still keeping our prices as low as we can.

We're still offering free delivery on all orders, regardless of size (and free next working day on orders over £50 in value*).

But now, in addition, we're offering Loyalty Rewards on every item we sell.

How does it work?

Firstly, you'll need an account on our website. You can sign up manually using the form provided, or create an account using your Facebook or Paypal account - go to this page to create an account.

Once you have an account, any orders placed on the website whilst logged into that account will accrue rewards - the product page will show you exactly what the reward is for that product. We don't use an abstract points system which you then have to try and translate into its actual value - our rewards are measured in pounds and pence.

When your order has been delivered, your account will be credited with the rewards from that order and ou can view your current rewards from your My Account page. Here you can also convert your rewards into Gift Vouchers to spend in the shop. You can create vouchers of any amount (with a minimum value of £10) and these can be used towards any future orders. The checkout page will show any vouchers you have available and if you don't want to spend the whole voucher, any remaining value will be converted to a new voucher after checkout.

You'll also be delighted to know that now you can share your account, and your rewards, with any of our company websites, including Lampe UK (for Lampe Berger) and Scented Lampe UK (for Parfum Berger).

How else can I get rewards?

Currently, you can get extra awards by linking to us/Liking us on Facebook (there are links in the sidebar on most pages, and on all pages right at the bottom of the page), and by Recommending a Friend (our Sponsorship Program). If a friend registers with us and places an order using the code you give them (see the Sponsorship Program page in your account) not only will they get rewards for their order, but you will get a reward too! You only get rewards for their first order, but theres no limit to the number of sponsors who can earn you rewards.

Over the next few weeks we're hoping to expand the Rewards system - watch this space for details!

We hope we have made our Loyalty Scheme both rewarding and easy to use, but if you have any questions, problems or suggestions on how to improve it, please get in touch - either by phone on 01623 333 036, via email on rewards@lampe.uk.com or via the Contact Us link at the top of any page of the website.

* see our Delivery Policy for details about despatch/arrival times.